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ESFI Introduces National Rankings for Indian Esports in 2021

Press Release

New Delhi, January 25, 2021: Esports Federation of India (ESFI) in a bid to streamline the sport as well as bring in legitimacy among the gamers involved, released the first-ever national ranking system based on the open ranking tournaments played in the last two months to determine the best performing players. Team Resilience, Checkmate and Adbhut Esports have topped the individual categories in the national rankings.

ESFI released national rankings for games- Call of Duty Mobile (Battle Royale), FreeFire and Valorant, which are some of the most popular video games and played by many. The performances of 60, 65 and 26 open matches conducted for Call of Duty Mobile, FreeFire and Valorant respectively during the period of November to December in 2020 were considered while announcing these rankings.

“With esports being included as a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games among other major Championships, it is important that we follow all the necessary requirements like in any other medal sports to determine the best players of the country. In the month of November and December, we organised several scrims and there have been huge responses in these events. While the gamers (athletes) showcased great technique and competitive, each scrim was keenly contested before the champions were declared,”

ESFI Director Lokesh Suji

Seven-member Team Resilience pitted themselves very strongly with 682 points and were declared the top team in the Call of Duty (Mobile) category followed by Team Revolution (629) and Zelotz 2EZ (627) taking the second and third position respectively. Checkmate (111) and Adbhut Esports (78) became the winners in the Freefire and Valorant categories respectively.

“Creating a pool of credible national gamers is a key responsibility that ESFI intends to shoulder in order to initiate and streamline a professional approach towards playing and organizing tournaments that are played in India. The athletes will help to maintain a certain standard of play, it will also regulate the esports ecosystem,” Suji further added.

While Esports witnessed exponential rise in the pandemic which catapulted the urge to create a community closer and build a much bigger plethora of professional athletes in order to determine the future of Esports in India. ESFI will continue with the process of announcing national rankings for various games in the future as well.

While, Free Fire Daily T1/T2/T3, Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale scrims season 2 and multiplayer are already underway, Valorant will also begin from the last week of January with more games like PES, DOTA 2, FIFA , CR, COC and Brawl Stars to take place soon. These rankings would be vital to boost many players into competing in various games such as League of Legends and more!

Details of teams at top of EFSI rankings:

Team Resilience (Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale):

Sushain ‘Dexter’ Gupta

Mannat ‘Truman’ Khanna

 Naurav ‘Pollax’ Kumar

 Shaurya ‘Neta’

Yash ‘Wizard’ Gupta

Shivansh ‘Skullxyy’ Kalra and

Ronit ‘Edith’ Kataria

Team Checkmate (FreeFire)

Arun ‘Deadend’ Yadav

Ram ‘Scooper’ Devdas

Nirmal ‘Unique-007’ Kumar

Akshay ‘Syko’ Shiyani and

Arshpreet ‘Arsh’

Team Adbhut (Valorant)

Hridya ‘RektyRowdyy’ Dham

Kunal ‘IshocKK’ Khandelwal

Bhavay ‘Fishy Bubbly’ Batra

Prashant ‘FranK’ Das

Mayank ‘Deadsec’ Roy

About Esports Federation of India:

Electronic Sports Federation of India (ESFI) is a Non-Profit organization. ESFI is a full member of International Esports Federation (IESF), Global Esports Federation (GEF) and Asian Esports Federation (AESF)

To promote, encourage, organize, educate, train and control Electronic Sports (Esports) in India and to provide facilities for training in esports, to build and sustain the eco-system for esports in India not limiting to providing, conceptualizing, opening, managing, running, developing, facilitating, and promoting all areas of esports and to provide all other possible and related form of esports.

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