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Kerala Esports Org To Hold ₹30,000 VALORANT Tournament: VALORANT Meta League

Official Press Release

21 September 2020: After the cascade of events, the All Kerala E-Sports Federation (AKEF) is heading to the next milestone. The organization has announced a major event, the Valorant Meta League, an all India online tournament that brings the gaming talents together and encourages them to make their place in the history of gaming. This event has a zero registration fee, which makes it more accessible and convenient to take part in.

The Valorant Meta League commences from 21 September 2020 to 15 October 2020. The event will be streamed live in English, Malayalam, and Hindi languages and has a prize pool worth INR 30,000. Partnered with Rheo TV, Hyve Sports, and, the event will take it up a notch for Kerala eSports and Indian esports. The event will be streamed live on the AKEF official Youtube channel and Rheo TV.

Starting with the qualifiers among 64 teams and 32 matches, the event ends with the last team standing winning the title. Other than the mentioned prize pool, the winners will be receiving merchandise from Hyve Sports and electronic gadgets from Also, the viewers of the live stream from Rheo TV will be given special giveaways.

”Valorant is one of the leading and trending PC games in India. This game provides a big opportunity for players internationally and we here aim
to provide similar opportunities that will help to bring the hidden talents from Kerala to showcase their gaming skills. This will help them to participate in national and international events, not only for the gamers but also for the streamers and rest of the team. This is just a beginning as we are trying to bring up more such events and teams in the future.This is an event which is going to be remembered forever in the history of Kerala E-Sports ”

Mr. Amal Arjun, President of AKEF

AKEF is one of the pioneers in the gaming industry. With events like Kerala War League(KWL), Kerala PUBG League(KPL), Kerala Valorant Championship, Rainbow Six- Zero Hour, FIFA, and Clash of Clans Mobile, they have already attracted and enlightened the underrated gamers in Kerala. The charity streaming conducted by the 49 registered streamers every month has already gained the limelight. AKEF is currently one of the leading organizations and the largest E-sports community with a massive viewership above one lakh.

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